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How you can take advantage of the Inflation?

If you lived in Peru or Argentina by the second half of the 80’s beginning of the 90’s you know what it is. It means that every month your salary is reduced not because of wage cut because your purchase power decreases due to the increasing prices.

I came to the US on 2000 and I remember buying a gallon of milk in Wallgreens at $2. Sometimes It came down to $1.90 so I used to buy a couple on the corner of Church and Skokie Boulevard in Skokie, IL. Now like the Bob Dylan’s song “Times are A-changing”… in the Publix of Brickell in Miami, FL or in Tony’s of Humboldt Park Chicago, IL you find Dean’s or Prairie Farm gallon in between $4 till $6. It took 50 years to get from 30 cents of dollar the gallon until $2. It took 9 years to get to $6.
I am not a hardcore milk fan, so what is the problem with this? The problem is that if you are the average American your income did not grow 300% in 9 years. Further more it looks to me that this is just the beginning.

Without getting deep into Economic concepts. If you increment M1 (supply of money) in the economy, (this means paper dollar bills in plain English) without and increase in good and services of the economy then prices will increase. More simple, if Uncle Sam start printing too many dollars, the green buck will depreciate. Simple law of offer and supply… too many paper bills then they are less worthed.
It would be nice if your salary would be indexed so every month you will have an increase in your salary just to keep up your purchase power. Purchase power is how much you can buy with a certain amount of money. But it is not and it probably will not be.

The inflation will hit Main Street America. Milk will probably increase 8% a year consistently as soon as the economy starts moving again. Same with other prices in the economy. I wish I can be wrong about but I lived in the 80’s in Peru, I lived in a Hyper Inflation environment and it is not fun. My dad used to own a hardware store and he used to need bags of paper bills to pay suppliers. He needed two drawers in the cash register and it was sad to see my old man being nervous next to the 30’s of each month with a package of cash ready for other people.

How can you take advantage?
See the environment now and project yourself economy 10 years ahead. Let’s identify an opportunity:
– Rents are cheap because there was built too much housing inventory during the last years. Will not be like that forever since population keeps growing and there is still a lot of immigration not only from other countries also from countryside.
– Interest Rates are still low now: 5% 30 years fixed average. This is not normal! Rates were around 18% during the 80’s and yes people still borrowed money.
– Home prices are at the historic bottom. Also this will not be like this forever.
So what about if you buy a property with several units on it and lock it in a 30 years fixed loan. Your payments will be fixed for 30 years and…… YES!!!! Rent prices will go consistently up just with the inflation effect. If you do not see it yet… let me a do a quick example:
A 3 flat in Humboldt Park (Chicago, IL) with easy access to public transportation will give you a monthly rent roll now of ($800+$700+$600) = $2100 and your mortgage $1300 plus ins and taxes $400 so you make $400 a month. After the recession your payments will increase BUT YOU PAYMENT of $1300 will remain the same. Taxes and Insurance will go up too but the inflation effect will be much higher on the rents.

Please take advantage of the inflation factor, give me a call and let’s make some money for your future!

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