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“The Windy City” is the third largest US city with a population of 2,896,016 people and the whole Chicago land area has a population of 9,157,540 as of 2000. The capital of the Midwest remains strong because it has a well diversified economy due to the number of large companies in the area. Chicago and its suburbs is the home of major corporations like Aon Corporation, Boeing, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Equity Office Properties Trust, Exelon Corporation, Baxter, Brunswick, Hewitt Associates, Kraft, Fortune Brands, McDonalds, Motorola, Sara Lee, Sears, United Airlines, Walgreens and many more. Professionals from all over the world come to Chicago to work, study and settle due to the large amount of opportunities.

chicago_300_32Chicago is also the home of a broad number of world recognized universities like Northwestern, University of Chicago, Loyola Chicago University, DePaul, University of Chicago at Illinois (UIC) and many others. The Art Institute of Chicago holds the largest collection of Impressionist paintings outside the Louvre in Paris. Chicago is home to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is one of the last free zoos. The Chicago Public Library, the Harold Washington Library, is the world’s largest public library with a collection of more than 2 million books. Chicago’s Oceanarium is the world’s largest indoor marine mammal pavilion and doubles the size of the John G. Shedd Aquarium, which is the largest indoor aquarium in the world. Finally Chicago’s McCormick Place has the largest amount of exhibit space of any convention center in the country at 2.2 million square feet.

Chicago has 77 friendly neighborhoods where you really live the concept of “community”. The public transportation system enables you to work and play to the fullest. The “L” train system will allow you to live without a car and O’hare and Midaway aiports will connect with direct flights to almost any city in the world. Chicago also has 29 miles of lakefront and a 15 mile public beach that will not make you miss the ocean. If you decide to buy properties in Chicago either to live or invest you will find great long term investments. If you live here you will find jobs, good schools, entertainment and good neighbors with “mid-west values”. Your family will love it and it is a healthy environment for raising children. If you decide to buy to rent and generate passive income you will have one the largest pool of renters in the nation. You will find a low vacancy rate for your properties due to the relocation of many professionals to the area and the city has one of the highest rate of immigration from abroad and from other cities of the mid-west.


Let’s work together and let me show you the best places in the city to buy in addition to the buildings and the upcoming areas that will achieve high rates of appreciation in the years to come.

Welcome to Chicago! My kind of Town!

German Llanos


24 Hour Real Estate LLC

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