German Llanos is the Broker/Owner of 24 Hour Real Estate LLC with offices in Chicago, IL and Miami, FL. He helped over the last 11 years to over 400 clients to buy, sell and lease Real Estate.

The blog about Real Estate Investing

Hi! and thanks for reading my blog. My name is German Llanos and I am a passionate Real Estate Agent in Illinois and Florida. I help people to build wealth through Real Estate. I have been doing this since 2004 and it has been great!

Many of the people who invested following my advice now they enjoy a solid positive cash flow portfolio despite the current crisis. Many people who lost lots of money with the stockmarket now they are turning around and appreciating solid asset/cash flow based investments.

I do what I preach. I am investor myself and having extra passive income is great specially during times of unceirtancy. One thing is for sure, people have always needed housing. You may be able to live without having a GE stock but certainly you will need a roof to protect you from the rain and the cold (specially in Chicago!).

This blog is about that. I want to be able to communicate with my clients, friends and anybody interesed in hearing about news and ideas to invest and profit from Real Estate. This blog is also about making dreams come true and I am not only talking about the American Dream of be a homeowner. I am talking about enjoyable retirement, financial freedom and mental peace.

Welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy and participate!

German Llanos

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